Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh, Go Fly A Kite!

What's a couple to do on the first fully nice weekend in Southern New England? Get out and enjoy the town!

We had a wonderfully relaxing weekend around Newport, taking advantage of the mostly sunny skies and mild upper 40s temps by walking all through town and seeing the sights. We did a huge loop of town on foot Staurday- going down through America's Cup Blvd, out Thames and then up to Bellevue to pick up part of the Cliff Walk on our way home. We had a mini picnic at the head of the Walk and enjoyed the view out over Easton's Beach in the lee of the land.

Sunday we took a ride out to Ocean Drive to watch the sun dance off of the water. There were dozens of cars parked out on the point, and people seemed to be everywhere- walking, taking photos, lounging in the (brownish) grass and worshipping the sun. Love it! We decided to head out to Second Beach over in Middletown to christen the packable kite my mother had given Kyle for Christmas. Although the winds were a bit strong for our little prisim, she toughed it out, and we had a great afternoon on the beach- even getting the chance to chat with a couple of young kite enthusiasts.

A great afternoon in fresh air was capped off by a tasty lunch downtown (catching the tail end of Newport's Restaurant Week and $16 three course lunches!), and another walk through downtown before heading home to nap, read and relax for the rest of the day.

Now I find myself more eager than ever for spring to finally make her presence known!

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