Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just Can't Get Enough

Books. I love them. I love absolutely everything about them. I love their weight in your hand, their distinct smells and the feeling of the paper. Some (ahem, my husband) would say that I am a bit of a book packrat, and I completely embrace the title. I come from a family of readers who covet the written word- the house that I grew up in literally has a library room,  and the shelves are stuffed with volumes of both old and new. It's a place I consider a sanctuary, with large windows and a leather couch that tempts you to slide in and enjoy an afternoon lost in pages. 

I have been thinking about books a lot recently in light of the new generations of e-readers that have come out. While conceptually I appreciate the e-reader, I’m just not sure it is for me. If I were someone who was traveling frequently and needed a space saving, efficient way to travel with my novel du jour, I think I would invest in a Kindle or Nook in a heartbeat. Since I am unfortunately not employed as either a travel writer, salesmen of medical equipment or author, I’ll stick think I’ll be sticking with the vintage style.

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, I also love book styling. I’m one of those readers who wants to know why a certain font was chosen, who the cover/jacket artist is, the whole nine yards. Yes, I understand that the Nook is offered in a color version, which allows the reader to have access to all of this information, but to me, it’s just not the same.

I also absolutely adore used books and used bookstores. Not only can you score some pretty incredible and rare finds, but I feel like I’m doing a small part to be environmentally friendly with my need to devour literature. Very rarely will I pick up a book “hot off the press” if I can find a used copy somewhere- it usually comes down to something that is new in print and I am dying to pour through it. There is very little I find more soothing than strolling lazily through a used bookstore on a rainy day in search of treasures. I love finding books that may have inscriptions or notes tucked away in the margins, underlining of witty phrases and other signs of love from past readers. It’s no different than the feeling of success I get when I find a great piece of vintage furniture or clothing at a great price, and I can’t wait to get home and enjoy my new find.

Again, while I appreciate all that the e-reader has to offer, I just don’t think that it will ever replace the pleasure I take in actual, physical books. Maybe it stems from my general disinterest in hopping on board with the newest items in technology, but I’ll stick with my overflowing shelves of the good ol’ paper and print for the time being (sorry Kyle!). 

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