Monday, April 18, 2011

Enjoying Newport Life

As we eek closer and closer to leaving this area, heading to Maine for the birth of our first child, and then beginning our adventure down South in Louisiana, Kyle and I have vowed to spend the weekends he is home enjoying as much of the area as we can, and this weekend was no exception. After sitting on a package we purchased through BuyWithMe almost a year ago, we finally booked our first helicopter ride for Saturday afternoon! The folks at Bird's Eye View are really awesome, they were incredible accomodating and made us feel totally comfortable. The weather was a bit dicey this weekend, so our pilot Jeff booked us for Saturday with the assurance that if we weren't comfortable with the weather, he would take us up on Sunday. Although it was blowing stink, Jen in the office assured us that we would have a great time, and we went for it. Jeff is a seasoned pilot, who has been flying aircraft since he was 18, so we were more than confident in his abilities. It wasn't the sunniest trip, but we had an absolute blast!

So much fun! As part of our package, we also recieved two passes for a tour and wine tasting at Newport Vineyards. We saved the passes for Sunday afternoon (which turned out to be beautifully sunny, but windy again!) and headed over for the 3 o'clock tour and tasting after taking a leisurely drive around the island. It's a small vineyard with a very friendly and knowledgable staff- very fun (and yes, I had small samples of a couple of the wines, such a badass, I know)!

It was a fantastic way to spend a weekend together, as we know that the weekends we have left with just the two of us are numbered. As I've said before, we are beyond anxious for the arrival of our lovely first-born child, but I think it's so important that we take advantage of this time together before the arrival of the babe to strengthen our bond, and enjoy all that Newport has to offer before we leave town for the next set of adventures.

Now, what will the next weekend bring...

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