Tuesday, October 26, 2010

MADly in Love

Only recently have Kyle and I discovered Mad Men, and become completely hooked. Yes, I realize that the show just wrapped up its fourth season on AMC, but I am notorious for being slightly behind the times when it comes to good TV. I also happen to really enjoy when you get your hands on an entire season of a show on DVD so that you can watch at your own pace, even setting aside and enitre weekend to consume every last bit of entertainment. There isn't much I can say about Mad Men that hasn't already been said, and probably noted a couple years back- the writing is sharp, the costume and set design are exquisite, and the entire ensemble cast are a force.

The other day I was parousing my Google reader and came across a posting on the Sweet Nothings blog showing off the Mad Men inspired "Save the Date" cards made by the smart cookies over at The Wedding Chicks- brilliant! Naturally I had to make my own:

 While they are presented as "Save the Date" cards, I think they would work perfectly for just about any occassion for a couple: anniversary party invitations, wall art, a wedding gift to another couple (say, for a first anniversary, since paper is the traditional gift!)- the applications are limitless.

While I go back to making moon-pie eyes at Don Draper, check out The Wedding Chicks website for lots of cute custom ideas, and you can even make your own Mad Men card here, just pick out your colors and text, fill out the email address portion, and they'll mail you your custom card proof and you can place an order for your own custom cards. Tres chic!


  1. super cute! i agree they can be used in all kinds of ways. (:

  2. Thanks again Wedding Chicks, you're quite clever!