Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Block Island Holiday

This past weekend, Kyle and I took the ferry out to Block Island for an extended birthday/Columbus Day weekend. There we...

  Stayed at the lovely Harborside Inn
Enjoyed coffee & bagels from Java n' Juice on Payne's Dock

Wanna go ride bikes? 

 Did a lot of sight seeing and playing tourist...

Enjoyed libations & relaxation at The Oar, Mohegan Cafe & Captain Nick's

And found Will & Carolyn's oar!
Champagne & Cribbage on the hotel porch on my birthday!

 Insanely large (and delicious!) breakfasts at Ernie's

An exceptionally well prepared birthday meal at Hotel Manisses
Zee-donk: He's so punk rock, check out that mohawk.
Of course BI has a petting zoo full of exotic animals and a giant tortise fountain...
An abosolutely perfect birthday weekend adventure, and surely not the last time we will be out to the island. Anyone up for making this an annual trip- we could rent a house next year...

Sigh, back to reality...


  1. love the pics! Can't wait to head out this weekend. Ummmm....may be up for the house idea sometime

  2. Yes! PLEASE let's all go and rent a house next year!!

  3. Hmmm... sounds like we might have a plan formulating for the next venture, I like it!