Friday, April 23, 2010

French for Grapefruit?

I recently discovered the unique, quirky and whimiscal stylings of the musical duo Pomplamoose thanks to NPR, and am in love! The duo (not quite a band) of Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn are out of California, and first gained noteriety on YouTube with their "Video Songs", which in a nutshell are their live action music videos- no lipsyncing, not music played over the motions, what you see is what they are actually singing/playing. They are most known for their covers and re-working of both classic and current popular songs with their own indie/jazz flavor. Nataly's voice is very sweet and soft, and the use of just about any instrament to be found is refreshing. After hearing about them on NPR and subsequently checking out their YouTube postings, I ponied up the cash and downloaded their album "Tribute to Famus People" on iTunes (they have never actually pressed a record, their recordings are only available digitally), and I LOVE IT. The covers of "Single Ladies" and "Telephone" are the Converse wearing cousin to the original. Nataly's voice on "Vie en Rose" makes you swoon, with thoughts of springtime in Paris' dancing through your head, and "Makin' Out" is sweet and lovely in it's subtle presentation.
Their take on the music industry and their stripped down approach is refreshing in an era  that has seen music culture pushed to the point of extremism. If you get the chance, visit their MySpace or YouTube pages and give them a shot. It's the perfect soundtrack to warm spring evening and drinks with friends in your backyard.

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