Friday, July 30, 2010

Spin, Spin Sugar...

As someone who works in a predominantly male (ok, all male) office, I do my best to keep my look professional and clean, without a lot of girly bells and baubles. In the past few years, I've become somewhat burned out on the standard ponytail for keeping my hair out of my face (unless exersizing), and I will openly admit to being hairstyle challenged- I can't count how many times I have stabbed myself in the scalp or lost large sections of hair before some sort of formal affair due to sad attempts at bobby pin/product use.

When I saw the first adverts for the Goody Spin Pin pop up, I was a bit wary- I've seen a fair amount of products tout ease of use for making great updos, even for those of us that are hair style challeneged. After a week or so I finally caved to my own curiosity and bought a set. Having spent most of my adult life either in the aforementioned bland ponytail, the sadly messy and sophmoric "pile it on top of your head and wrap a band around it a couple of times til it sticks" look or the "the hell with it-hand me a banana clip" surrender, I was cautiously optimistic about the potential of these little corkscrew mysteries. Following their basic bun instructions, I gingerly spun the pins into place and slowly removed my hands from the bun. Much to my surprise (and utter delight)- the bun stayed perfectly in place. I followed up with a couple of rigorous bounces in place, and when they continued to hold their ground, I went for the full head shake, bun still intact! Sheer joy took over, and I pranced into the living room to show of my new creation and sing (literally, I think I freestyled a little ditty) the praises of the Spin Pin to my less than enthused husband. After a few minutes of this performance, he finally humored me and asked for a demonstration, which I proudly obliged with yet again a perfect bun outcome. 

I've had my pins for about two weeks now, and they continue to make me beyond thrilled. They're easy to throw in a bag, reasonably priced (around $5-6 a set), painless, hold all day, can stand up to a weight training workout, and best of all, don't leave that elastic bump on your hair after you take them out. As a matter of fact, I've used them for putting my hair up when it is still a little damp after a shower and when dry and pins are removed, I get these great soft waves, something not easily achieved with my normally flyaway locks. Why and how no other company has come out with these before, I don't know, but I'm guessing they're all kicking themselves now. I have a pretty strong suspicion that I will still be a firm believer in the magic of the Goody Spin Pin far into the twilight of my life! 

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